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    A/V to 20 Pin Male SCART Adapter

    1. Phono RCA signals are completely compatible with the pins in a scart socket but interconnection with these pins is not possible without this adapter 2. Suitable for input only which is the most common application. 3. Typically be used for the connection of a games console or a DVD player which has phono / RCA video output to a television with a Scart input 4. The three coloured phono connectors on the adaptor have the following functions: 5. Yellow - Composite video input 6. Red - Audio right input 7. White - Audio left input 8. Connecting a Playstation / games console to television with a scart socket 9. Connecting a camcorder that has phono / RCA outputs to a television or VCR 10. Connecting a projector to a television or other source that has a scart output 11. Allows CCTV cameras to be easily connected to equipment with scart sockets


  • JUNSUNMAY 21 Pin Scart Male to Female S-Video 3 RCA Adapter Switchable in Out Audio

    JUNSUNMAY 21 Pin Scart Male to Female S-Video 3 RCA Adapter Switchable in Out Audio Converter

    1. Adapter provides the output (or signal input, selectable via the standard IN / OUT DIP switch) from the 3 RCA audio video connectors and the pass-through Scart interface (E.g. it is possible, for example, to continue to use the scart interface of the TV for any devices already present).2. The adapter with the Input/Output Switch.Being switchable, and you control over the signal direction.You can select whether you want to go from convert composite RCA Signal to SCART or Scart Signal to RCA/S-video.3. Made of premium material with fine workmanship.Nickel plated contacts is good for the picture transfer / Sound Transmission.4. Widely used in CD players, satellite receivers, cordless phones, computers, DVD recorders, TV sets, digital TV set-top boxes, digital cameras and other audio and video equipment5. Connector A: SCART Male; Connector B: SCART Female + S-Video Female + 3 x RCA Female


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    20 Pin SCART to SCART Lead Cable for DVD/HDTV/AV/TV, Cable Length: 1.5m

    1) 20 Pin to 20 Pin Scart Cable 2) Tough and durable 3) Metal plugs with high quality contacts 4) Able to optimise signal transmission 5) Rubber side grips for easy insertion and release 6) Length:1.5m


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    Scart Male to Female with Composite AV + S-Video Sockets(Black)

    1. This SCART adapter features three color coded phono(RCA) sockets, an S-Video socket and select switch, this allows the adapter to be used for input or output of Audio/Video signals. 2. SVHS(S-Video )signals are a high quality and therefore use of this adapter and S-Video cables are recommended! 3. With this adapter,you can now connect games consoles, DVD players, video players all with great ease. 4. If your device does not have a S-Video (SVHS) connection you can still transfer the video via the more popular phono (RCA)connections on this device. 5. Used for camera, camcorders and video; anything with 3 phono rca connectors (red, white, yellow). Just match up the colors and you can use it in a scart socket! 6. You can also select whether you want to go from Scart to Phono / SVHS or Phono / SVHS to Scart with the INPUT/OUTPUT switch. Meaning that video transfer is a complete doddle.


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    RGB Scart Male to S Video and 3 RCA Audio Adaptor(Black)

    1. RGB scart to composite 3RCA S-video AV TV audio adapter 2. Material: plastic, metal 3. Size: approx. 6cm x 5cm x 2.3cm 4. Color: black



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